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Monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. The location is sent to members.


Don’t miss out on two events in November, 2019. First, the Obedience and Rally Match, Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019 at Smarty Paws. Poodle Club of Las Vegas AKC Obedience and Rally Trials November 15,16,17, 2019, also at Smarty Paws. Get all the info at AKC


Litters & Brags

Well, we sure are proud of poodles and their accomplishments. 

About the Poodle Club

Since 1964

We are here to promote the purity of the poodle breed.

The Poodle Club Of Las Vegas was originally founded in 1964, at that time it was called the Southern Nevada Poodle Club. Over the years it had gone to a dormant stage until in 1981 Susie Osburn of Lido Poodles revived the club. With her commitment & dedication since 1992 the club hosts two Specialty dog shows every year.

Whether in confirmation and / or obedience-rally-agility trials operates under the rules & regulations of the American Kennel Club (AKC) & The National Poodle Club Of America. We would like to applaud Susie for the wonderful job she has done for our club.

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November 2019

Obedience & Rally Trial


Obedience Nov 15, 16, and 17


Rally Nov 15, 16, 17


Smarty Paws South

4544 W Russell Rd Suite C
Las Vegas, NV 89118

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The Poodle

Poodle FAQ

Poodles are amazing dogs! Did you can use a poodle for a service animal? You can also train them to compete in local and regional dog shows. Most importantly, they make terrific pets. If you have quetions about poodles, you should find the answer on our Poodle FAQ page.

Poodle Health Issues

Poodles are no different than any other dog, as they may come across health issues through the duration of their lives. We have compiled a list of common health problems your poodle may have. Finding a good vet and regular visits is benefitial to your poodle.

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